class descriptions

group lessons 

Taught at Legacy Dance Association, 3215 W Division St, Chicago
Register at or at the studio

Group classes meet once a week for 4 weeks.

See calendar for the most updated schedule. 

Don't see a class you want offered? I can create a class for you and your friends!
Contact me to inquire about curriculum and availability.

club lessons

Club lessons are taught on an ongoing basis every week. See calendar for the most updated schedule.

1240 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL
All-levels salsa/bachata lesson at 7:45-8:45pm followed by social dancing

118 S Clinton St, Chicago, IL
All-levels salsa/bachata lesson at 9-10pm followed by social dancing

what's the difference between
group classes and club lessons?

Group lessons take place in a studio setting. They follow a curriculum and focus on a specific skill set. Students must be of the appropriate level in order to register. Students are able to master skills within that level and progress to advanced moves.  Because class size is limited, I'm able to give more hands-on instruction and personally dance with each of the students in turn. Group lessons are ideal for students who want a low-pressure, learning-focused environment where they can truly hone their technique. Group lessons require registration, either online or at the door.

Club lessons take place in a nightclub/bar/restaurant setting and are open to the general public. The lesson is included in the cover charge. The lesson is preceded and followed by social dancing with a DJ and sometimes live band. Because the class always includes some beginners, the difficultly level ranges from beginner to advanced beginner, but does not often progress to intermediate moves. Class sizes range from 20-60 people. Club lessons are ideal for people looking for a fun night out, newbies who want to try dancing for the first time, casual dancers looking to pick up new moves, and dancers of all levels looking for a place to practice. Club lessons do not require registration, but you may need to RSVP for reduced cover.

Which do I recommend? Group lessons to refine and learn new skills. Club lessons to practice your moves in the real world!